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The purpose of my website is to provide information and commentary on a variety of subjects. Subjects include Financial Literacy, Long-Term Financial Trends, Don't Be An Average Investor, The Voice of Moderation, Politics and Your Finances, Your Body Is Going to Hurt Either Way, Senior Thoughts, and Ask Doyle. In the 1980s I saw a Futurist being interviewed. The Futurist was discussing the advent of the PC along with global internet and how that would affect personal lives. The interviewer said how informed we will all be at that time. The Futurist replied,

"Information is not Knowledge and Knowledge is not Wisdom"

With the advent of social medial along with political talk shows which too often present
opinions with no factual basis, we all know the above true. One objective of my website is to provide information from legitimate academic and professional sources. A second objective is to provide commentaries which are
hopefully both interesting and sensible with a goal of increasing knowledge and perspective in the areas I address. Again, hopefully there will be some wisdom also.

Doyle A Ranstrom CFP®

Fate is what life gives you. Destiny is what you give life.
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