Your body is going to hurt either way,

so you might as well do something.

On this page, we're going to discuss being active. In my 40s, I started doing week or longer bike tours, which cumulated in biking across the US when I turned 60. In my 50s, I started downhill skiing for the first time and doing longer hikes in the mountains. In my 60s, in addition to biking across the US, I picked up golf and hiked the Grand Canyon. Most recently, as required by law at a certain age in many states, I started playing pickleball. Keep in mind I have had a kidney problem for 24+ years and had a heart condition for several years. The kidney problem continues, and I suppose I will always have a heart condition. One of the things I have learned is my body, and probably yours too, is always going to hurt, so it might as well hurt doing something.

A man in blue shirt standing next to cactus.

My Pickle Ball Journey

In compliance with federal regulation PB Green Ball Court 1-A, I started playing Pickle Ball [PB] earlier this year. Much to my surprise, I have really enjoy the sport and its become a passion. Some would say I have become obsessive, but what do “some” know. PB is the fastest growing sport in the US.…

A man in a helmet and sunglasses standing on the side of a road.

They Do It Anyway

When I biked across the US some years ago, one of the guys on the tour was a cancer survivor. He was in early 50s and had bone cancer in his leg 20 years earlier. This was second time riding across the US. One of consequences of the cancer treatment was he had a metal…