Being active is one key to both physical and mental health.

And its fun, mostly.

In my 40s, I started doing week or longer bike tours, which cumulated in biking across the US when I turned 60. In my 50s, in addition to cross country skiing, I started downhill skiing for the first time.  I also started doing longer hikes in the mountains. In my 60s, in addition to biking across the US, I picked up golf and hiked the Grand Canyon. Most recently, as required by law at a certain age in many states, I started playing pickleball. Keep in mind I have had a kidney problem for 25+ years and had a heart condition for several years. The kidney problem continues, and I suppose I will always have a heart condition. One of the things I have learned is my body, and probably yours too, is always going to hurt, so it might as well hurt doing something.  I have also learned though there is risk being active, for many if not most of us, there is more risk in not being active.  


Running A Marathon, Wow

My wife’s niece and her partner just finished running a marathon a couple days ago. She had a little bit better time than him, but both were really good times. Of course, just finishing a marathon, regardless of the time, is amazing. In every marathon run, the last finisher, just ran a distance of 26.2…


Pickle Ball in Portland Plus Celebrity

I hit a cross court volley and the young gentleman across for me, realizing he could not reach my volley decided to dive for it. I looked at him as he lay on the PB Court and said, “what the hell were you thinking”. He said he used to play soccer and was a goalie…


PB 1-Year Anniversary

This week is the one year anniversary of the first time I played pickle ball. I know its weird to remember a date like this, but there is a reason. Eight months earlier I was pretty sure I was not going to survive that round of kidney troubles, so to a start a new sport…