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Senior Thoughts

I have never thought of myself as a Senior though my age would indicate I have been one for some time. To often seniors are all considered to be in one box when reality seniors are like a superstore with a little bit of everything. In this section, I will discuss bits of everything.


Thanksgiving, A Little History, And Some Optimism

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.  Actually, most of us should be thankful every day for life’s blessings.  But Thanksgiving is a specific day set aside to be thankful.  The idea of being thankful has been practiced by many cultures over thousands of years.  This includes many Native American cultures. The celebration was often…

A man with a backpack and hiking poles on the side of a mountain.

Hiking Without A Walker and Stereotypes

A few years ago my wife and I were hiking in the Moab, UT area. One day we did a hike in Arches National National Park. The hike we choose had a very easy first mile and then got serious. We had to climb over a large boulder, over 20 feet high, [it did have…