The Voice

of Moderation

I have always been an Independent Moderate, never belonging to a political party. According to a recent study, 49% of voters now identify as "Independents," by far exceeding the groups who identify as Democrats or Republicans. About 35% of voters are moderates. In short, we control elections but are too often ignored until right before the election when candidates need our votes. I would also suggest moderate Independents are the adults in the room. In this commentary, I discuss being an Independent Moderate from my perspective. In short, be a voice of moderation.


What Are You For?

For every ten people you talked with about politics, how many could tell you what they are for. In other words, what policies, government programs do they support. Ask anyone to do so with two rules. See what happens.Rule 1: The person cannot blame problems or situations on a political party or any or all…


Congressman Jordan is Not Qualified to be Speaker of the House.

Like many independent moderates, over the years I voted for both Democrat and Republican candidates. I will not longer to vote for any Republican candidate until the Party returns to its historical roots.  I would encourage any and all moderate independents to do the same.  Following are reasons I make this recommendation.  I will update on…


Remember Gun Violence When You Vote

Most of us were saddened to learn about another mass shooting. And now a bit later, many will also say to themselves, “nothing I can do about it”. And while they go back to day to day lives, the families and friends of those killed are never the same. Nor are the lives of the…


Trump and the Polls

I have talked with more than a few people who are completely shocked that Trump is the leading Republican candidate for President. Even more mind boggling for many, in some polls Trump is leading President Biden in a hypothetical match in 2024. First of all, following are a few reasons why many including myself wonder…


Taylor/Travis Fountains/Drains and Conservatives

I have to be honest, I am one of the millions following the Taylor/Travis romance. I know, I am as completely surprised as anyone. For the record, I have been a KC Chiefs fan for sometime starting when Alex Smith was the quarterback. Now of course it is Coach Reid, QB Mahones, TE Kelce and…