GP Quiz, All Children Are Equal

Your in a large stadium with 100,000 youth of America which perfectly resemble the demographics of American youth. As you look around, you will note the following:
About 20,000 of the children are hungry.
Four will die from gun violence this year.
About 24,000 identify as Gay or Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, or Other/Questioning. They are twice as likely to bullied as those who identify as heterosexual.
About 20,000 will or have been bullied in school.
3,000 are homeless.
About 67,000 attending schools which have a “funding gap”.

One of the many reasons i have no respect for the anti-abortion movement is they really do not care about children. There are exceptions, but as a group the movement has always seemed to be about women’s choices during pregnancy and once the child is born the movement really does not care or really give an F about them.

Neither does the Republican party. When Republicans talk about family values, they are basically talking about above average income/net worth white people who do not have or more accurately recognize children which do not align with their personal sexual positions. [No pun intended. Ok, put intended.]

The Republican Party, as a whole, does not care if children are homeless and/or hungry. There are numerous studies which reflect all the negative consequences for children being hungry and/or homeless.

Republicans have opposed anytime of gun legislation for years. They are much more concerned about an individual’s right own guns then they are about the children themselves who are being killed buy guys. Would you send your grandchild to a concert with 100,000 people knowing four will be shot?

A child born into a wealthy suburb family has access to great public education, a child born in a poverty inner city or rural America, not so much. This is a disservice to the children, but equally important, a disservice to the country. We, as a country, lose a large number of bright talented children because we do not give their schools the resources to provide a quality education as they grow up.

The old Republican Party cared about children and understood providing and investing in a child’s future. Today’s Republican Party does not. Until Republicans are ready to protect children and provide for them, there is no reason to vote for them at any level on election day.

Even if your grandchildren live in a financially secure home with access to good education, many grandchildren do not. And as grandparents, we have to think about them also.

I cannot tell you how many grandparents I have met over the years were surprised to find out their grandchildren were not heterosexual, even at an early age. Some were judgmental and walked away from the child. Others loved them even more. Be the second, not the first. And then spread that love to all grandchildren.

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