The Grandparent Quiz

When many grandparents make political decisions and voting, they think only of themselves. Understandable, but I would suggest the first priority for grandparents should be their grandchildren, second their children and themselves last.

Following is a quiz for you about some issues which I believe will affect your grandchildren. The questions are in no particular order.

Do you accept the science behind climate change and the affect climate change is having today and will continue to have on your grandchildren going forward? This includes the increasing cost of natural disasters.
Y or N. [Circle 1]. GP Quiz, Climate Change, It Does Matter

Do you think you or your grandchildren should pay down on the Federal Deficit?.
Me or Grandchildren. [Circle 1]. GP Quiz, Federal Deficit or Screw the Grandchildren

Do you believe all children, regardless of race or sexuality, are equal? All Children Are Equal
Y or N [Circle 1]

Do you think the last Presidential election was fair and accurate? Y or N. [Circle 1]

Do you think children have the right to live in a gun free environment, be it in their schools, malls, events and overall community.
Y or N. [Circle 1]

Do you believe your granddaughters, when they are of age, should be able to make their own personal health care decisions?
Y or N [Circle 1]

Do you believe the your grandchildren should have the right to follow any religion and/or spiritual journey of their choosing including no religion? Y or N. [Circle 1]

Should health care be contingent on personal wealth. Y or N [Circle 1]

It seems to me how you answer each of these questions drives how you feel politically and vote. In other words, they are core beliefs. I also believe how you answer these questions and subsequently vote will affect your grandchildren.

In the next few weeks, I am will provide commentaries on each of these issues and why I believe they are important to the health, wealth and quality of life of our grandchildren.